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The HE&M SAW Story

HE&M Saw was founded in January 1964 by Gerald R. Harris in Livermore, California. Having worked his way through engineering school and tool instrument training, he gained a first-hand knowledge of a variety of machinery during the post World War II industrial boom.

Harris also began building customized machinery for acquaintances, establishing a reputation and a following at the same time. One project led to another and he finally moved out of his garage and set up shop in a 1,100 square foot facility in Hayward, California. The entire company consisted of three employees and himself.

That was the beginning of HE&M Saw. After several years Harris saw the need for more space and began a nationwide search. He wanted a centrally located facility and access to a skilled labor force thus moving the company to Mid America Industrial Park in Pryor in 1976.

It wasn’t long before HE&M Saw began designing and marketing larger and larger saws. From the first HE&M 40-inch machine in 1978 to the huge 80-inch double column saw in 1989, the company continued to evolve over the years.

In 2003 Doug Harris became the President of HE&M Saw; and in mid-2005 he became the CEO. With the latest technology and manufacturing methods, Doug ensured that HE&M Saw remains competitive in the market and continues to provide a high quality band saw to our customers.

Today there are over 200 employees in more than 250,000 square feet of space. HE&M Saw now manufactures over 70 different models of production band saws for the metalworking industry including – Vertical, Horizontal, Plate and Double Column saws with capacities ranging from 12″ x 12″ to 80″ x 80″. Material handling tables and other time saving features are also available. HE&M Saw is American designed, engineered and manufactured.

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