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Split Cross Transfers & Conveyor System

Split operation, Lift & Carry Cross Transfers with two lines of Stage II Powered Conveyors on the outside and one line of Stage III Powered Conveyors on the inside.

Noncontact Material Length Positioner

Stage III Powered Conveyors moving material through the saw to the output side, measured to length by the Noncontact Material Length Positioner.

5' Cross Transfers & Stage II Conveyors

5' Lift & Carry Cross Transfers and Stage II Powered Conveyors being operated from a touch screen.

Roll-Out Roller Table w/ Hydraulic Bin Attachment

A Roll-Out Stage II Conveyor section to allow for shirt cut material to be collected and moved to the side of the system.

Hex Bundle Clamps

Designed to tightly clamp hex shaped bundles on all sides.  These clamps are adjustable for bundles that are approx. 15″ to 21″.  The clamp fixture is bolted to the vise jaws and can be removed for standard vise use.

Vertical Round Bundle Clamps – Rebar

These clamps are used for clamping “round” bundles. They work well when indexing lengths that do not have close tolerances. Typically the tolerance should be +/- 0.025” or greater on indexed lengths of 24” or less.  These clamps are not removable and are used when the product is consistently round bundles.  The application is on a vertical saw; but these clamps can be adapted to a horizontal saw.

Contour Alignment Roller System

These are designed for conveying and cutting rounds, such as tubing, pipe, and solids. They are the right choice when the horizontal datum (pass line height) must remain constant. The material will always find it’s way to the bottom (center) of the contoured roller.

Sliding Roller Track Section

A sliding roller section is used with horizontal miter saws when the angle being cut allows the conveyor to interfere with the travel of the arm, i.e. 60 degrees. The section can be rolled back enough to clear the arm, yet support the material being cut.

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